Monday, October 18, 2010

The Bitchess

Hi there :) I Love my pepps so much <3 haha actually guys we are not our first meeting on. Then it all started after we break fast together at Pizza Hut. Then after we all go to shisha at Castle, haha sumpah la terbaik shisha dekat situ. We all love shisha alot !! In the class i most hate is all they. They are mira , noor , wani haha i don't know our relationship is now like a water bank. Thanks babisss haha for being my friends i love you so muchhhh !!!! Korang the best friend la terbaik.

 I still remember i like to curse noor about her moles, first time i saw her a matter of concern to her is "tahi lalat besar dia la" of course haha. I always talk to my friends "eeee besarnya tahi lalat dia, dah la poyo pulak tu bajet bajet hot" sorry sygs haha kau tak marah kan. Then days more days, i think you're my bestfriend that i had.

Ni haa lg sorang minah, her name is mira. We call her MK. Haha sssshhhh i can not tell why we call her like that <3. Lagi hebat my bestfriend couple dengan abg sendiri. Wtv lah haha i don't mind pun. I just wish you guys happy together, selamat sampai ke junjung pelamin. And i still remember my first sight of him is wahh she's very shy person KONON la haha padahal perangai segala mak la mak ayam, mak itik semua mak la. Like rockup always call her Mak Jan. Cettt jahanam punya jantan haha cakap my lesbo macam tu.

Her name is wani. Yeah she's chubby like me. HOHO her trademark is yeah yeah yeah.....*sight. We often do crazy work together haha gila pakai je tudung tapi sewel. On one night, we agreed to change the name of the phone. Wani (danial muamar) and Me (ijat khabir). Opps ijat khabir? someone that i really love to see him in college. Then what about danial muamar? nah si minah tudung ni haa minat sangat. Actually he is ex-boyfriend mira je. Kiteorg planning nak sakat dorang je haha menjadi pulak. Sumpah kelakar gila nak mati. Then untill now i save her name on my phone ijat khabir. Funny right  :D


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